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It is found that nearly 65% and more laptop users in India are looking solutions for speeding up their laptops. With Digital India push, there is steep rise in demand of computing devices. For satisfactory delivery of online services the devices must be operationally efficient.

Impact of Slow Laptops

Research shows that slow laptop consumes more power to perform same task as new laptop would. Heating and over usage results in Rapid Ageing. This adds on to more incident that requires costly repairs, replacements and upgradations. Effectively, user spends more to maintain a slow laptop.

Meerkats Yodha

The Meerkats Yodhas, especially trained, and up-skilled to provide the best of maintenance services. These yodhas have abilities to apply best practice and methodologies when servicing your computer. Truly Meerkats in the Meerkats.World.

Meerkats Clean Development Methodolgy

Meerkats Research & Engineering division have just done that. A very innovative component that shall make your laptop to work at full efficiency and still consume less power. ChakraVardhan22 has arrived.

Every Laptop Must Have A Meerkat

A better utilized laptop helps saving 240kg of fuel, 22kg of chemicals, and 2400 litres of water. Yes, you read it right this is the amount of resources used in production of one laptop.

ChakraVardhan22 Testimonials

Testimonials That Inspire: Our Customers' Experiences


It is well noted and experienced that a laptop after 18 months or more usage would generally slow down, make more noise, and also heat up quickly. If you notice these symptoms in your laptop, this is the product you must use. With application of this product in your machine you will notice an immediate improvement in performance. Just follow the installation steps and see the difference.

ChakraVardhan22 or CV22 is a product built on nanoscience, that gets activated as soon as it sense the heat accumulating on your laptop processor. It effeciently removes the heat generated by leakage current on your laptop. With this removal of heat, your processor does not need to underclock and it works on its full effeciency.

ChakraVardhan22 or CV22 is non-powered, non-connected, static assembly chip. You do not need to wire it to anything, or provide any power supply. CV22 is a standalone chip whose sole purpose is to provide CPU an environment to keep up its performance.

You do not need any software to be installated on your machine for installation and working of ChakraVardhan22 or CV22. This is a hardware only product.

CV22 can be installed on any machine having intel or amd or any other processor. The product is agnostic to brand of laptop, and works on all processors.

ChakraVardhan22 or CV22 has minimal ageing. You may probably not need to change or replace this anytime soon. Yes, if you change your machine processor or service for which you might remove the fan assembly, the product may be required to be reinstalled.

ChakraVardhan22 or CV22 DIY kit comes with all you need to do the installation yourself. If you are still low on there, you can take it to any service provider who has experience to open the laptop, and in less then 15 minutes, any technicain shall be able to install it.

ChakraVardhan22 or CV22 comes with 12 months of warranty for any manufacturing defects. It has a long shelve life, provided the storage follows the instructions as provided.

ChakraVardhan22 or CV22 is not wired or connected to any part of your laptop. It works independently without any interaction or data exchange. Since it is not a powered hardware it has no ability to cause any damage. Though it is advised that CV22 to be installed carefully by following the instructions as provided in the kit.

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